Image:Broke your dentures? Don’t be tempted to fix your denture with super glue

Broke your dentures? Don’t be tempted to fix your denture with super glue

It’s certainly an emergency situation when your dentures break, but please don’t attempt to fix or repair the denture yourself - super glue isn’t an option.

While our custom made dentures are designed and fabricated from durable materials, occasionally you may accidentally damage them, or if the dentures have lived out their life span, again, they’re more likely to be susceptible to damage.

How to avoid breaking your dentures

Accidents do happen, and regular wear and tear can also impact the likelihood of you breaking your dentures, however there are several points to keep in mind when handling your dentures that can help you keep them in one piece.

  • Avoid dropping your dentures, particularly on hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete and wood flooring
  • Chewing hard, tacky, or crunchy foods
  • Note any changes in the fit of your dentures in your mouth and book an appointment with your dental clinic if you’re unsure your custom fit has changed
  • Avoid extreme shifts in temperature applied directly to the denture
  • Don’t apply pressure to your dentures when handling or cleaning them.

Depending on the type of denture you’re wearing, they are custom made using a variety of combinations of materials including alloy base, acrylic, titanium and nylon.

As mentioned above, plastic based materials such as nylon and acrylic can be susceptible to dramatic and fast changes in temperature. Again, another contributing factor to breaking a denture is a change in the fit of your denture as a result of your face shape and jaw changing and moving over time. If you’ve recently noticed your dentures are no longer comfortable and well fitting, it’s definitely time for a check up and possible denture adjustment. 

Accidents happen

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you’ve broken your dentures, however you must resist the urge to glue them back together.

Super glue is an extremely fast dry adhesive that holds great strength and is designed to bond to almost any material, including dentures. Super glue can resist temperature fluctuations, mois environments and sticks almost instantly. Seems like a great cheap option to quickly and glue your dentures back together.

Please think again!

Some of the chemicals found in super glue can at best cause an allergic reaction and most importantly are toxic to humans. The glue can irritate the delicate skin inside the mouth and on the gums, leaving persistent sores and discomfort. Any mouth sores present while wearing a denture can become painful and there is also a risk of infection of the wound.

Even if you were to successfully glue your dentures back together, and we certainly discourage you from doing this, over time, the denture will again break down and require professional repair. We suggest your first line of action is to contact our emergency denture repair team and book in an appointment with one of our friendly denture repair technicians as soon as you can.

Expert denture fit with a denture repair specialist

You may have noticed when you initially were fitted for your dentures, a lot of expertise and work went in to getting the fit exactly right for your bite and smile. If you take repairs into your own hands, this can complicate any professional repairs you will require down the track. Not only can you risk causing more damage to your dentures, you also risk damaging your teeth, gums and the delicate skin inside your mouth.

What steps can you take to get your emergency denture repair?

So you broke your dentures. What happens now?

  1. Avoid further breaks or damage to your dentures by removing them and storing them safely away from other items until you can get an emergency appointment at your local denture repair clinic. We have offices located across Australia, find an office near you now.
  2. Visit our emergency denture repairs page and book in your appointment now at your closest EverythingDentures clinic.
  3. See your dentist as soon as you can. The sooner you book your appointment, the sooner you’ll have your dentures repaired, and we offer a dedicated service just for this specific type of appointment.
  4. Don’t repair your denture at home! You can cause further harm to yourself and your dentures.

As a last word, comprehensive care and maintenance of your dentures can extend the life of them and extend the investment you made in purchasing your dentures. This can save you money and discomfort in the future. Learning how to correctly care for your dentures is critical, and your EverythingDentures clinic can give you comprehensive information on how to correctly care for your specific type of denture, ensure the fit remains comfortable, and put a smile on your face for years to come.