Partial Dentures

EverythingDentures is one of Australia’s largest network of denture clinics and a great place to have your new Partial Dentures made. With over 30 clinics nationally (and growing rapidly), we create partial dentures at more locations than any other denture provider in the country.

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New Partial Dentures

A partial denture or partial plate as its commonly known, is no small feat. Imagine being so involved in a treatment that you literally help people smile, speak and eat to the absolute best of their ability.

We consider it a huge responsibility and the EverythingDentures team stands ready to help you with your new partial dentures. We find nothing more satisfying than seeing a patient smile confidently, eat comfortably and thrive in life!

What is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture is an oral appliance that is used to fill spaces where natural teeth have been lost. The importance of a partial denture can’t be understated. Partial dentures help share and distribute the work load of all of the remaining natural teeth. When gaps are present in a person’s mouth, the teeth on either side of the gap may start to move and angle into the missing space causing gaps to open up in other parts of your smile. This movement can interfere with how a person bites and can adversely affect how you smile and eat. Another thing that may happen with missing teeth is the opposing teeth that used to bite onto the missing tooth area continue to grow unchecked or in dental terms “over-erupt”. Partial dentures can counter most of the issues mentioned, in addition to enhancing the aesthetic quality of a patients’ smile. Let EverythingDentures help you with your new partial dentures. We want to see you smile and eat to your best.

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Types of Partial Dentures:

Acrylic Partial Denture

An acrylic partial denture, as the name would suggest is made entirely of acrylic. This acrylic base is pink and is a close match of your natural gum colour. There are metal clips on the denture which help hold it in place around your standing natural teeth. We devote a lot of time matching the colour and shape of your natural teeth to the new denture teeth to achieve a seamless and natural appearance.

What are the benefits?

  • Cheaper and more cost effective to purchase due to the ease of fabrication
  • Acrylic partial dentures are easier to fix or repair
  • Fast to make, fit and supply meaning you can start wearing the denture sooner
  • Make an excellent choice for a temporary denture if you’re investigating alloy dentures or implants as the long term solution.

How long do acrylic partial dentures last?

With the correct care and maintenance routine, an acrylic partial can last for up to 5 years or more. Your denture technician can give you the best advice on caring for your denture and getting the most comfortable fit and wear.

Are there any Disadvantages?

  • Acrylic partial dentures can be more prone to breakages due to the acrylic being a weaker and less flexible material
  • The acrylic denture is usually thicker and larger than alloy base dentures, meaning you’ll need more time to adjust to the denture being in your mouth and you may find eating, sensation and taste are affected.

Alloy Base Partial Denture

An Alloy Based Partial Denture is an extremely thin and custom fitted denture type. Typically, this type of denture base is approximately 1/3rd the thickness of an acrylic partial denture, and offers much more comfort to the patient. The denture teeth are still held in place using gum coloured acrylics and we place a lot of emphasis on tooth shape and colour matching. If a patient wants an even lighter denture base our dental technicians can fabricate Titanium Denture Bases.

Flexi Denture

A flexi denture is a small denture made from various materials similar to nylon. They are typically used for smaller partial dentures where there are natural teeth on either side of the space that it may lock securely into place. These dentures are typically used in highly aesthetic locations where no metal should be visible. Ask an EverythingDentures professional about flexi dentures and we will determine if flexi dentures are suitable for you.

Temporary Retainer Denture

Sometimes when a tooth is extracted a small clear retainer denture can be made to serve as an interim solution while it heals. When the healing is complete and gum and bone shrinkage has slowed, a new more permanent partial denture can be made. Temporary retainer dentures are a cost-effective solution in preparation for your new more permanent partial denture.

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