Full Dentures

EverythingDentures is one of Australia’s largest network of denture clinics and a great place to have your new Full Dentures made. With over 30 clinics nationally (and growing rapidly), we create full dentures across more of Australia than any other denture provider. Find your local EverythingDentures clinic today for an appointment to see why we are the leaders in new full dentures.

New Full Dentures

A full denture or denture plate as its commonly known, is no small feat. Imagine being so involved in a treatment where you literally help people smile, speak and eat to the absolute best of their ability. We consider it a huge responsibility and the EverythingDentures team stands ready to help you with your new full dentures. We find nothing more satisfying than seeing a patient smile confidently, eat comfortably and thrive in life!

What is a Full Denture?

A full denture is an oral appliance that is custom fitted for a patient, following all of either the top or the bottom teeth (or both) being removed. A full denture can be tricky to get used to, but with the support of an EverythingDentures professional we can make this a reality. Let us help you smile and eat to your best.

Great time and attention to detail is put into each stage of making a new full denture. The new dentures should be crafted and custom designed to suit each patients’ mouth. You are unique and we want to work with you to realise all your appearance and eating goals. Your EverythingDentures professional will work with you on every goal you have and help bring them to fruition. Everyone deserves to smile and eat to their best!

What you can expect:

  1. At your first appointment, your EverythingDentures professional will work with you to set goals for your new full denture. If you are happy with the proposed treatment plan we can start right away with making your new full dentures. A mold can be taken of your mouth very quickly. With a lot of the new mold materials and setting times, discomfort and claustrophobia is a thing of the past.
  2. At your second appointment, your EverythingDentures professional will take a second precise mold of your mouth. They may even record how you bite and select the shape and colour of your new.
  3. At your third appointment, you will get to see and feel your new smile. If you are happy with how it looks and feels, the final visit will be an exciting one.
  4. Welcome to your new full denture! At the fourth and final appointment, you will get your new smile. The EverythingDentures professional will make all necessary adjustments to make the full denture comfortable. At this appointment, you will be given expert advice on how to care for your denture and what to expect for the future! Did we already say EverythingDentures are here to help you smile and eat to your best? We are!

Find your nearest EverythingDentures centre to make an appointment for your new full dentures!

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