Cosmetic Dentures

Any denture type whether full or partial denture can be enhanced to become a cosmetic denture. The following list of denture categories will help you understand what it means to upgrade your new denture to a cosmetic denture.

Full Cosmetic Dentures

A new full denture that is converted to a cosmetic denture involves significant enhancements in gum design, tooth shaping and acrylic colour matching. Below is an example of cosmetic full dentures compared to the standard denture offering.

Partial Cosmetic Dentures

Partial cosmetic dentures are dentures that do not have wires or clips to hold it in place. As with full cosmetic dentures, gum enhancements, colour matching and tooth shaping can elevate a partial denture into the realm of the cosmetic denture. Below is an example of some partial cosmetic dentures.

Cosmetic Implant Denture

As with full cosmetic dentures, implant dentures can categorically move into the cosmetic category with enhancements to gum, tooth and colour tinting of the denture bases. Below is an example of cosmetic implant dentures.

Cosmetic dentures can be custom designed for many reasons, and aren't just for older people. Cosmetic dentures can be used for many types of tooth loss, including tooth trauma, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and more. EverythingDentures cosmetic dentures are also custom designed for your comfort and wearability.

Speak to your EverythingDentures professional. Find your nearest EverythingDentures centre to make an appointment and learn about all the cosmetic options available so you can take your smile to the next level!

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