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Image:False Teeth: Are they the Same as Dentures?

False Teeth: Are they the Same as Dentures?

When you think of false teeth, a distant memory of teeth soaking in a glass of water might come to mind. So, yes, ‘false teeth’ is an interchangeable term that can be used to identify many types of modern denture and prosthetic appliances. Dental technology has come a long way since the initial con…

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Image:Getting used to Partial Dentures

Getting used to Partial Dentures

Have you recently had a partial denture fitted, or are you considering a partial denture? Read through our below tips for settling in to your new denture, and ensuring you’re comfortable. How long does it take? Settling in can take a few weeks. Taking your time and referring back to your denture c…

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Image:Why should I replace missing teeth?

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Should you replace a missing tooth? Technically, no, you don’t have to. Humans are perfectly capable of surviving with a missing tooth, however read on for our advice regarding why you should replace your missing tooth or teeth, and some of the options that are available for natural tooth replaceme…

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